Today’s Weather Forecast

Winter storm warning in Virginia

To much of my surprise, I get to experience snow only now despite my expectation of “encountering” it since the first time my feet touched Dulles three weeks ago. And they say, this could probably the last for the month since winter should have been over by now. Well, lucky for me.

I’ve heard lots of stories about snow. Good, sad, unlucky, hilarious and all crazy stories about it. People worry about the colder temperature it will bring to homes, people getting stuck in their houses once the snow gets thicker, the missed appointments, disordered schedules, the difficulty in cleaning the car or the garage, etcetera etcetera… Or maybe, a lot of people here got used to it that there isn’t much excitement about it anymore. But as for me, I look forward to experiencing it. This is the closest that I got to childhood, where winter and snow happen only in TV screens. In fact, as I wake up this morning, I am going to go out and embrace it. You may think that this would probably be my first time to experience snow. I did see flurries, a small swirling mass of flakes years ago during my last visit and just recently here in my stay in VA, but this time it’s going to be the real thing, where huge flakes fall from the skies (IF and only if the forecast is right and that I’ll have to check when I wake up later). I am excited to touch it, feel it and play with it in my hands. 

Some people consider it a “storm”. I once got traumatized by a much real storm in the Philippines, where my family and I have come unprepared. But this is one storm that I don’t consider one at all and that I am going to embrace, something that I am excited and hopeful about. It reminds me that change is good and that in every moment, is an opportunity, learning and blessing…

Tomorrow’s weather forecast is up: “Storms come and go. But life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

P.S. Check out the buddy I am with as I was expecting for snow. This is another blessing that I would always be thankful for. 🙂 Have a great day!



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