A Little Bit of Heaven



Each day, I feel that I am much closer to getting what I truly need in my life. I have come to realize that there’s a reason why you are where you are now and why you come across the people that you meet each day. Getting the right perspective, I managed to experience joyous and purposeful encounter with the strangers that I meet in Metro stations, roads, churches, libraries, food chains and malls. I have exchanged a lot of meaningful conversations with the others and got to clearly see the life on this other side of the world.  In exploring, sometimes I get lost but I always manage to find my way back.

For this Lent and Holy Week celebration, allow me to share one spiritual advice that I got today. Try giving your complete trust to your God. Despite the fear, doubts and uncertainties; learn to let go and surrender. Step out of your comfort zone and follow His way. With this, you might see and get in touch with a little bit of heaven.

“Be it done to me according to Your word.”

P.S. Forecast was right after all. And storms do come and go.Soon enough, you’ll find yourself smiling all the more for better days.


(c) Denson Catindoy for the awesome shot!


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