Push Pause


I wanna be thirty, flirty and thriving!

I got the line from the American rom-com fantasy movie 13 Going On 30 starred by Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. I remembered posting this as my status on Facebook when I was still struggling to achieve something when I was in college, which is not so many years from today. At that time, I just wanted to graduate so bad, find a job suited for me, go see different places and have my own big and beautiful family (Hahaha so much for dreams). Only if it was that simple. Isn’t it funny how young people, most especially kids, wish to grow up fast and how the old ones want to go back in time? I terribly wanted then to “fast-forward” to this point of my life. But now, it’s a totally different story for me.

A year just passed since graduation and I realized that so many things can happen– and change. I have witnessed how my friends and I grow up, old and apart. Some I have lost in touch with while others have been trying to make a name in their own fields in various countries. I remembered the time when we just talk about math, accounting, terror professors, happy thursdays, skipping classes, awards, dating, boys, girls, movies and so on and so forth. These were things that mattered so much before. But now, we discuss about making a living, earning larger sums of money, chasing dreams, building lasting relationships, handling work pressure, helping out in the family, etc. See the difference? It will never be the same again.

This is our story. Always trying to keep up with life’s race. If some people wish they were kids again, I don’t. Neither do I want to become 30, well not just yet. I am just looking forward to that time while savoring all of the stages that I have to go through, but not quite in a rush anymore. I have been advancing myself to grow up that most of the time I fail to see the things that truly matter. I want to live in the present and watch the beauty of life in front of me. Success and difficulties will still be part of the whole package and will continue holding me back at times, but if I only take life in stride, I wouldn’t miss a significant day in my life. There are still so many enjoyable things that I look forward to doing, new people to meet and share insights & experiences with, challenges to face & surpass and most importantly, the relevant things that I have yet to learn along the way. I still want to live a dangerous yet purposeful life and this time, I am going to take it easy without losing sight of my objective.

Just live by the moment and make the most out of it all. Make everyday count because today, will never be the same with tomorrow.


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