Change is good



How many times does a woman need to cut her hair to feel the change that she needs in her life? Technically, I’ve had my third cut for the year just one/two months ago and it’s been the shortest I’ve had (Clue: Riki Flores and Anne Hathaway as my personality pegs HEHEHE).

Now what has changed?

Aside from the word “rebranding” I felt I needed to show off, I am feeling more power in me that I’ve never felt before. I feel more hungry for success and respect, tougher each day and more grateful than ever. And most importantly, perspective. I am slowly learning to read the other side of the world, the more optimistic side.

Get ready to work your asses off cause none of this comes easy.


This is the line I stick to my mind which came from my favorite Filipina singer/coach and performer. I can feel the change, but not big enough to change the world, not big enough to save a life or to meet my own match. I always go back from square one, sad to say but I am a work in progress (I believe I am). I am destined to be a better person, I know it, when the time comes. I’ll become better and even stronger, without the need of cutting more strands of my hair. Trust that you are exactly where you are for a specific reason, and that there is no need to overthink this reason.

Each day gets tougher. Each year I feel this iffy feeling of being “lost” and I often “give up” of something everytime I realize this. But this time, I am fighting this crazy feeling. I will be the change and I will start now. No matter how big a mistake I’ve done from the past or no matter how slow I move towards the change I’d want, I am forgiving myself as it is will always be part of the whole rebranding process. Trial and error.

And here’s hoping for brighter days ahead for everyone out there who would want badly to bloom and grow. Be the change.




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