Reunions remind me of good old music, late night drinking, true love confessions and simply being silly with people you call friends. Each year you get an additional comrade, or maybe two, or if you’re really having a good year, more than ten true-blooded homies. But nothing beats the originals whom you’ve been with through the best and worst stages of your not-so-boring life.

At 23, I’ll be perfectly honest to say I can only count few real good men whom I trust so much. I have my dad and my three brothers who I am very much in love with. But setting them aside, I only have few guys who I am truly friends with (sad to say, hahaha!). Two of them, just came home after three years of separation!

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Sometimes it’s just good to be reminded of where you’ve been, what you’ve become, who you’ve been with and what changed. It gets tough each day, the distance, the differences you guys have made, the adventure you guys separately face each day and the entire wall you build to yourself. But nevertheless, these people will always be part of home. No matter how tough it gets, you are closer to reaching your goal with these people you call friends, near or far from you. 


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