Every Choice Is The Wrong Choice So You Might As Well Do What You Love

Do you know what’s even worth fighting for? Yes, I guess the right things will always be worth it.

“Our job isn’t to win every battle we fight, but to be part of the right army.” Goodluck to fighters out there. Enjoy the ride.

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Ella's DadElla’s Dad

Here is what I know for sure: You’re going to regret every choice that you make.

I don’t mean to be a downer – quite the opposite in fact. I don’t think that every choice you’re going to make will be a poor one. I believe in your choices! I believe that you are excellent in making them. But what I don’t believe in is our ability, as humans, to properly evaluate the choices that we’ve made in retrospect. Because we seem to mess up an awful lot, don’t we? Isn’t it funny how that works?

Here’s the problem with making decisions – when we do so, we look at the highlight reel of both options. The raging success that one choice could empower us with, the comfortable stability another could ensure. We decide which choice to go with by evaluating the best-case scenarios but we fail to…

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